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Application Form

Post  Faithful on Sat Nov 06, 2010 4:37 am

If you do not want anyone else to read your application please fill out the form and sent it in a forum message to one of our officers

Remember, this is your first impression so try and make the application as detailed and accurate as possible. A good first impression means your one step closer to being accepted into this guild.

When it comes to making your application you want it to be very long, we want to know everything about you.

Also NEVER ask a Member ingame about how your application is doing.
1. It's very annoying
2. All your questions will be answered on the application (So keep checking it and reply to all questions)
3. You'll be told on the application when to contact the Leader about a trial.

If your understanding of this application form isn't good enough then trying your best.

Please copy this out and fill it in on a new topic in the applications part of the forum!

Personal Info -
Tell us a bit about yourself:
Ingame Name:

Are you good friends with any one in the clan?:

Communication and Tactics -
Do you have a working microphone?:
Are you willing to talk in game?:
Will you listen to the leader / Officer who's leading in wars?:
Are you able to follow tactics?

Why are you interested in joining Outbreak?:

Are you a calm person?:


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